Books by Conor Mahood

The Hanged Man

A story about growing up in a traveling carnival, revenge, love and the value of a good co-pilot on a long road trip.

In 1988 a young woman named Daisy decides to drop everything and just go.

In the 1860s, a young man named Lilian does the same.

Each of their decisions will come to influence the other.


Somebody Else’s Dream

Last night Ford fell in love. This morning she told him he’s not real, just something she dreamt last night.

When he realises she’s telling the truth, he walks out her front door and into the world for the first time.

If Ford is a dream though, and dreams walk the earth, perhaps nightmares do too. But how long can he stay? How hard must he fight to stay?

Ford makes friends and enemies of humans, dreams and nightmares alike, giving us an outsider’s view of what makes the world beautiful.